Sparky Jr.

I don't have a Mac at all. Can I use a Window? Will it work? I am kind of new to all this.
And I cannot find a iRobot in Romania. Can I use something else?

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No Windows yet with this software!

As for the Mac part Geek Attack! can install osx on pc's!
I don't know if it is possible, but I am using a hackintosh...I haven't interfaced the irobot yet, but will try next week.
I had wrote Skype-based Apprication for robot.

i want try to port sparky program to win.
I am writing the program that looks like Sparky_Jr by using VisalBasic6.0 now.

It is scheduled to test this week. maybe it will work.

However, I think that I cannot distribute ActiveS.dll because it is unpublished now.

I think that I rewrite it now.
I just downloaded Visual Programming Language R2 Express.
It is the Microsoft Robotics Program.
You can download it free from
Thanks all of you that repleyed.
Please do update any progress. Thank you!

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