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Marque - need some help; skype is linked, but commands aren't sent

Hi Marque-
I finally have all my parts and began the testing procedure tonight (along with banging my head against the wall).

1. iRobot Mac running 10.5.6 with USB-serial adapter. I confirmed the adapter is working and talking to icreate via zterm. Sparkyjr irobot server installed with Skype 2.8

2. joystick Mac running 10.5.8. SparkyJr joystick controller is installed with Skype 2.8

1. Both Macs establish a successful skype video call.
2. start irobot server on irobot mac and click connect. I get a scrolling screen of "CALL ## DURATION ##"
3. Click connect on joystick mac and the same data is shown, scrolling by...(this looks like a skype log"
4. I press the joystick buttons and nothing happens. I don't see any data sent from the joystick mac and i don't see any data being received on the irobot mac.
5. further, I don't have the screen that is posted in your instructions with the joystick keys. The screen with the "Drive Sparky" in the title bar.

1. Wrong software - Did i install the wrong software by not having the "drive sparky" in the title screen? or is the "drive sparky" title screen a result of a successful connection?
2. double checking - I saw another post on this, but to confirm:
* robot mac should have the following software ONLY: Skype 2.8 and irobot server
* joystick mac should have the following software ONLY: Skype 2.8 and joystick controller

Both macs, in the API window, show the title bar, "Skype API Test"

Ughhh, i my head hurts.

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John C. know this software stuff better than me. I make sure he see your questions...
Thanks Marque.

I would appreciate it if you can pass on my contact info to John. I want to get this working to demo in our elementary school and get kids interested in robotics.

Also, do you think you could post a video that shows the step by step software launch and connect process? That way I can see exactly where my config is failing?

Any help by you and John is greatly appreciated.

Marque Cornblatt said:
John C. know this software stuff better than me. I make sure he see your questions...
check for videos in the tab at the top of the page. There is one just about the software set-up and connect.
It's called "Sparky Jr.( 2 of 3)
Ok, but when i watched that one, it jumped very quickly through the skype API software...For instance, I was hoping to see the SkypeAPItest software switch to the Drive screen or at least see what both control and drive computer API screens should look like as a successful connection is made and commands flow across. And verify the polling/call data that I am seeing is correct.

If, you could quickly capture that on video and post it, I am sure it would help us all out.

Marque Cornblatt said:
It's called "Sparky Jr.( 2 of 3)
Hi Brian,

I think you are getting it mostly right. Sorry about the confusion on the name of the software.

You make a Skype call connection and both the Skype plugins are printing call ## duration ##, that much you have gotten to work.

On the joystick Mac joystick controller software, you should see a different message scroll by when you move the joystick analog sticks (the sticks that have a range of motion). If you do not see any such messages, the joystick input is not being processed correctly.

This is the mostly likely problem you are seeing. If this is the case, what joystick are you using?

Things to try:
make sure the joystick is physically connected to the computer before starting sparky joystick.
make sure the joystick is turned on. For PS3 joysticks, you have to actually press and hold the PS3 button for a few seconds. Most joysticks are on automatically.

If I am wrong, let's talk more on email: john dot celenza at gmail dot com

Also, can you screen shot your display once you get the Skype call connected and you are at the point where the joystick does nothing?
(shift-ctrl-open apple 3 to save a screen shot to the Desktop)

We'll get this working!


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