Sparky Jr.

Skype plugin for "control booth" for Windows

Why the Sparky Controller Joystick Skype plugin work only on Mac?

I would like to build the Sparky 2 and I don’t mind using mini Mac inside the Sparky 2 but I would love to have the Skype plugin "control booth" on Windows.
Any chances releasing Windows base Skype plugin?

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I think I heard they plan to release one soon. PLEASE READ THE HUNDREDS OF OTHER TOPICS REGARDING SPARKY+WINDOWS... Like said, you could use a hackintosh.

Or you could use something like Roomba Status, and use VNC.
Hi Benjamin,
Tested it on hackintosh and it works (thanks for the tip) but I would love to run it from Via Pico-ITX motherboard I have.
How do you know about the windows plugin? And how long do you think until they will release it?

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