Sparky Jr.


Sparky Jr. uses free software, including Skype for free video chat and our open source joystick plug-in. It's so simple.... If you can get Skype working, you can drive Sparky from anywhere.

Download Skype

Be sure to install Skype on both Sparky Jr's computer and the control computer. You will need a Skype user account for each machine as well. No worries though. It's all free. Before going further, test Skype out with a simple videochat. Once everything is set up, then feel free to...

Download the Sparky Jr. Joystick installer. Put this on the computer that you use as the "control booth."
Download the Sparky Jr. iRobot Server installer. Put this one on the Mac Mini onboard Sparky.

Here is a link to the Sparky Jr. source code page at Google Code. We encourage you to make changes and post your revisions.

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