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Intel Robot Plugs Itself In - Now, Who Wants to Code This Up for Sparky?

From Intel Labs, via Gizmodo

"Not to get all paranoid, but robots can now find outlets and plug themselves in. And this isn't some Roomba gimmick either..."

Hey! What's wrong with Roomba gimmicks...?

Here's the whole…

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The Reality of Robot Surrogates - Bruce Willis on Mobile Telepresence

An interesting take on the state-of-the-art... With Die Hard!!


How far are we from sending robots into the world in our stead?

Anne Marie Corrley writes:

"Imagine a world where you're stronger, younger, better looking, and don't age. Well, you do, but your robot surrogate—which you control…


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Boing Boing covers Studio 360 covering the Sparky Project

Lisa Katayama, writer, journalist and blogger wrote on Boing Boing:

"My segment on Sparky — a robot made by San Francisco artist Marque Cornblatt using a Mac Mini, Skype, and a hodge podge of gadget parts — aired this weekend on PRI's Studio360, the arts and culture radio show… Continue

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Telepresence Dog Sitter or WiFi Enabled Chew Toy? You Decide.

The Pet Care Robot (concept) is a Wi-Fi controlled bot that can serve as your remote eyes and ears from a web interface. But what's a bit different than a Rovio is that this robot allows you to play fetch through a remote controlled ball you can steer around the house—all while nurturing your animal through a built-in speaker in the robot's base.

Also of note, the Pet Care Robot has two large eyes that any dog will love to chew into a… Continue

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