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iSparky Telepresence Prototype Spotted at TEDxSF

I am pleased to finally be able to reveal the next evolution of the Sparky project - known as iSparky.  Based on the iPad 2 and the iRobot Create chassis, iSparky is an App-based solution to low-cost DIY mobile telepresence.


iSparky was unveiled at a recent TEDxSF event, held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.  iSparky was a surprise guest, rolling out onstage unexpectedly to chat about the notion of human-machine hybridity and to introduce a block of speakers.  Although the demo was a bit laggy, it was still a successful first test of the prototype.  It's not hard to imagine a day soon when thousands of these cheap, little devices are scurrying all over the place - in museums, schools, home and at work.


Stay tuned for more info regarding the iSparky project, including step-by-step instructions, parts list, App availability and more.  Check out the short video below.


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